Boyfriend Rant ... I can't be the only one


Y'all, first off to the guys up here, I am sorry but it's true. Second, my ladies y'all get me...

My boyfriend ... This mother fucker ... I love him but y'all I am fixing to lose my shit, like for real. He has got to the point where he leaves his shit everywhere. Like his clothes, yeah. Clean and dirty. Clean never are put up unless I do it. Dirty are ALWAYS IN THE FUCKONF FLOOR!!! Y'all, I even moved the sorry clotjes hamper so it was Right by his lazy ass when his clothes came off. Where did they end up? Floor, right next to the damn hamper. I thought he was doing it just to gey under my skin. But I have come to the understanding that the reason he does it is because he is getting fucking lazy. And I say that because it's not just clothes. It's dishes, ashtrays, his car, our yard. Yes he works and works out of town. But he was off this week. He has done nothing, but bitch and fight with me over what I HAVEN'T DONE! Or best, my attitude!! Me, yes me. What I have not done. Like bitch, pick up your stinky, smelly, sorry, dirty ass underwear. But no he gets mad when I ask him to pick his own clothes. Says that I don't know what he does for me because he doesn't say it. Like bitch!! Who the fuck you think takes care of our house, our pets, cooks most of our meals, washes ALL the dishes (I don't think he even knows How to wash them anymore), washes ALL the laundry, sweeps ans mops the floors, vacuum the carpet, takes all the god forsaking trash out ... Like bitch the least you can do is PICK UP YOUR GOD DAMN DIRTY CLOTHES!!! Too much to ask? Too much to do? Geez man!!! I'm not your mommy, im not your maid and I will not pick up his shit anymore. If he wants clean dishes, they better make it to the kitchen. He want clothes, better make it to the dirty clothes hamper. If it doesn't, guess what? It will stay where the hell there til it's picked up, and not by me.

Clean up our bedroom, took me all damn day. Amd then he gonna leave his dirty ass shit on my CLEAN floor. Y'all, im fixing to tear some shit up!!!