He makes me want to die!

McKayla • Mommy to a 2 year old and a 1 year old rainbow girl and wife❤️❤️👼🏻 mommy to 2 angel babies 6/25/19 & 11/4/20

So apparently I’m unwanted, I’m a worthless cunt, I’m pathetic, I’m a psycho, I’m a worthless bitch, i was never good enough, I’m a sorry bitch. My husband said these things to me this morning because I don’t like him looking at naked females. He belittles me. He tells me how hot other females are, how he wishes he married and had kids with his ex. He said he made a bitch fall in love with him before we got together and he could do fuck her at anytime whenever he wanted. He knows how self conscious I am, yet he says this shit to me. He makes me want to kill myself!