Peak Day but Hubby “not in the mood”

So my husband and I were very fortunate conceiving our two children rather quickly. However, we decided to try for number 3 (final) baby now and I’m worried it won’t be so easy since we are older and have less freedom being under the confines of a 4 yr old & 1 yr old.

This was first month we gave it a go and we didn’t get to bd on the highest day because he wasn’t in the mood after work.

I tried staying calm cool and collected telling him it’s no big deal as I don’t want to stress him out and make him feel like it’s a job. Being that we couldn’t even hit the important dates in month one, has me worried about what happens when it takes longer.

Sorry this post prob sounds petty , but it just boiling inside me and I don’t want to say anything about it to my husband to create anxiety. The sex we have been having has been great, so I want him to remember it as that (and want more lol).

Thanks for reading my vent!