Would you give your baby a name you wanted even if your significant other wasn’t on board with your choice?

I’m completely set on what I want to name my son. I see and hear the name constantly in random places so much that it feels like it’s meant to be but I know it’s also because of how strongly I feel about it that it comes across that way. My boyfriend doesn’t exactly love the name and thinks I’m being unreasonable for already being so sure. I knew this is what I wanted to call him even before we knew we were having a boy. He’s been suggesting names to me that I do like but nowhere near as much as my original decision. Would it be messed up to just name him what I want, regardless of his input? I would be happy to let him choose the middle name, and we’re hyphenating our last names so it’s not like there’s nothing of his attached to him. This baby wasn’t planned and I think we might be done having children after he’s born so I don’t want to miss out on the chance to use this name. It’s special and important to me. Feedback is appreciated!

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