Feeling really anxious and scared.... help šŸ˜‘


Hello fellow Glow Mamas!

I have a bit of a long story but I just need to get it off of my chest. I am currently pregnant with my 3rd child due in March 2021. I am a nervous wreck! It was not planned at all and I am so not ready to go through this pregnancy again. .....

My first daughter (2017), I gave birth to her at 23 weeks due to incompetent cervix and preterm labor. I had to deliver her vaginally and held my dead baby girl in my arms. šŸ˜ž

Fast forward 6 months I got pregnant again with my second daughter and rightfully so I had a very complicated high risk pregnancy. I had a preventative cerclage placed at 13 weeks for my cervix and had weekly progesterone shots starting at 16 weeks to prevent preterm labor. It was a longgggggggg mortifying pregnancy. I was on a strict modified bed rest. I don't even think I lifted a gallon of milk. Thankfully, I did give birth at 37 weeks a week after the cerclage was removed and shots were stopped (2018)

I'm just not ready to go through all of this again. On top of it I gave a beautiful daughter to take care of and I can't just not do anything all day like the last time. I spent the entire week crying bc I'm just so mortified and I'm not mentally ready to go through it. Of course I'll do anything for this baby and I will do everything I can to help him/her get to term but I am very very anxious.

Glow got me through my last pregnancy and I just know it'll help me get through it again. I pray for all mamas to have a healthy 9 months!!