skipping my periods but not really


i get my birth control (the pill) from the Pill Club online and about five months ago i requested to skip my periods so they started sending me an extra pack of the same pills (with the placebo week, i just don’t take those). and right when my body realized i was skipping my period i bled for about two weeks straight anyways but i felt that was normal and my body getting used to not having a period. but now, i still spot quite often (it was about 4-5 days of the week and now is 2-3) and sometimes so heavily i need a tampon. keep in mind this is my fifth month skipping my periods and i feel this isn’t normal anymore. my body doesn’t feel weak like i’m losing too much blood or bleeding too often but it is super frustrating because this is exactly what i didn’t want. i will say that i take it around the same time everyday but sometimes i get off by a couple hours. i took the same birth control before i started skipping periods, though, and spotting was never THIS bad when i got a little too far off of my pill schedule.

any advice or insight?

this is the brand i take.