Plan B messed up my period


Ok I have been waiting months to make this post

I’m sorry in advance that this is so long. 😅

Back in DECEMBER me and my partner had sex and I ended up needing to get a plan-b pill just to be safe.

I took PLAN B around the 27th of December. I then waited very impatiently for my next period which thankfully happened 2 weeks later!

I usually have medium/heavy cramping and light/medium cycle that lasts about 5/6 days.

This was nothing like I’ve ever had.

It was a full 7 days - VERY painful (cramping) and VERY heavy.

But based on the research I did - period after plan-b = no baby

Unfortunately I did not find any info about missing your SECOND PERIOD after plan-b. Which I did, and so I got worried and took another test - negative. This continued every few weeks for 4 more months!

I didn’t have a period for 5 MONTHS after taking plan b. We are now in July, I took a pregnancy test about a week ago - negative. And I’m on day 3 of my period.

Everything seems to be back to my normal now.

Anyway this is my experience with plan-b, hopefully it can help someone with similar situation?

Feel free to ask questions.