Possible Cholestasis


For any mommas who have had cholestasis, were you truly given options?

Were you told risk/reward type things?

Were you given time to research and think about it?

Or did your doctor just tell you what needed to be done?

Did you just assume they know what they are talking about and go with it?

Here is my current story:

I suspect I could have cholestasis. I have severe itching and it only happens at night. I got my blood work done last week 7/2. When I went in yesterday 7/8, I was told the results weren’t back yet. I had results for enzymes which were both normal. My doctor basically told me that since I’m already past 37w, if it comes back that I have it, we induce. He did not specify a timeframe on that though.

I have done my research on the subject. From what I have seen, if it is mild, then they may do nothing. Severe cases obviously are taken care of right away.

Basically, if the results come back that I have it, I would want to set an induction for the 17th. Did any of your doctors give you that choice or did they basically make the decision for you?