Corona virus and family visiting

Hi all,

I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant with twins (first time Mom) and I live in another state from my Mom and Mother-in-law. We were originally planning on having my Mom come out for 2 weeks after the babies come and then my MIL after that. I'm getting super nervous about the coronavirus and whether or not they could contract it while traveling here or before they get here. My Mom says she's being careful, but she has been to a BBQ at my aunt's house where I'm sure no one wore masks or social distanced. She is planning on a small road trip next weekend with my Dad, and she is also hosting my sister's baby shower at her house this weekend, where I'm sure they won't all be wearing masks or keeping distance.

I really want her to be able to come out to meet her grandsons and to be here to help me, but I just wish she was taking it more seriously. What have you all done or are planning on doing when you have visitors? I plan on asking her to wear a mask and wash her hands before touching the babies. I'm also considering asking them to not come for the time being, which would be really sad. I don't know what to do...What would you all do?