Name Drama 😩

I seriously didn’t know people were going to be so critical when it came to baby names. I just thought it would be a cute and fun thing to talk about but it’s seriously starting to make me upset that my family is being so annoying about it!

Honestly I’m getting to the point where I want to just bluntly say “I don’t careeeeeee!!!”

Like why is it such a big deal? If you like a name so much, have a kid and name them that!

At first I loved the name Hailey. But my mom freaked out because 2 DISTANT family members have that name (people I’ve NEVER met)

So then I picked Ruby. No one liked that name.

I’ve tried other names and people thought they weren’t cute, or too this, or too that.

So my man and I decided on the name Angelina. We told everyone and they STILL had something to say!!

My mom is the worst though.

And I know it sounds like I’m making it more dramatic then it is, but if you were in my shoes, you would know exactly how irritated I am.

Honestly I’m not ASKING what name to pick. I’m telling them what it is! Just accept it and it will grow on you!

Just be happy and excited for the baby and stop making every conversation about what name YOU like better. I don’t give a damn. 😒😒😒