By far the worst doctor

So the doctor Lectured me, told me how gross basically I was, told me “ you need to tell who ever your having sex with your baby daddy, boyfriend, or husband you gave them an std,” which honestly my husband could of gave it too me who the fuck knows. I have hpv. (The first time I’ve ever tested positive, I’ve had several paps before 27, due to infertility, PCOS, and miscarriages) Tried to embarrass me in front of my mom, who already knew. He said “now your mom knows how much unprotected sex you have”. Told me I more than likely have Cervical cancer. He won’t know till 6 weeks after baby. And waited till the very end to tell me they might just be cysts that will go away after baby. Made me feel like shit because baby is still breach. And will be scheduling my c section in 4 weeks if she doesn’t flip. I’m 30 weeks with a baby that took us 4 years to get pregnant with and so many complications in-between. My mom ended up standing up and telling him off for the way he was talking to me. Everything she asked was rebottled with something negative. She has a medical back round so it’s easier for me to have her ask the questions because I have Severe Anxiety which he makes even worse. Basically said I need to find my voice as he’s belittling me. He walked in complaining about his patient that gave birth this morning without an epidural saying I need to have one. Last time I checked he worked for me.

I called 8 different doctors offices today no one will take me because I’m 10 weeks to my due date or they aren’t expecting new patients.

I only picked this doctor because he did martial arts with my husband for 8 years. My next appointment my husband is coming to to remind him he knows him and to show I have a husband I’m not the whore he made me out to be. Now I have to see this man every two weeks... I’ve been crying all day and feel so down about myself.

Thanks for reading, I’m going to try to stop crying now and try to sleep. I’ve never felt worse about myself, ever.

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* He said he’d try something to flip her at my 34 week appointment. If she does he’ll be scheduling it, not that I’ll have one at 34 weeks.

* I have a list of people to call as offices open up, that take my insurance.