TMI WARNING mplantation? Or odd spotting

(TMI I’ll add some pics that I’ve tracked from the past week included from today’s experience)

Hey everyone! I hope someone has/is experiencing what I am. This past week has been very weird.. On July 1st (7dpo) I had brown spotting which only lasted two wipes. On July 2nd I had more brown/pink spotting I did put on a pant line about 20 min later it completely stopped. July 3rd nothing. July 4th some pink/brown spotting only when wipe. July 5th nothing. July 6th I did get pink discharge during work so I assumed okay my period is coming I put on a panty liner again spotted maybe 30 min then ended again. July 7th AF due had some brown spotting once. July 8th i had a headache felt very nauseous and had some brown spotting with pink. July 9th morning nothing till rn 11pm I went to use the restroom I had more of a thicker discharge with pink only one wipe. I really don’t know what is going on if this continues by Saturday I do plan on setting an appointment with my dr. I want to know if anyone has experienced this and ending up pregnant or AF came.

July 9th

July 4th

July 1st