“Friend” Being Annoying-tell me if I’m in the wrong

If you think I’m in the wrong please let me know because I don’t think I am, but I might be so I’d love to hear some other perspectives.

I am friends with this guy who has had a 5 year on and off relationship with his girlfriend. As of right now they’re not dating and haven’t been for a while that I know of and this is what he’s told me. However he is interested In me and expressed he wants to have sex with me and I have started to catch feelings for him, but we’re friends. We do send nude pictures back and forth.

So Today I went to look at apartments and am waiting for the approval process I also would have two roommates that live there already because I was looking for a room to rent. I told him I was looking at apartments and that he could come over once I was approved. Well he had to make sure that I’m not being roommates with anyone his ex might know and asked me for the first and last names of my roommates.

The same thing with texting, he said he can’t text me he can only Snapchat because he doesn’t want her to see. He even has a whole other Snapchat account that she doesn’t know about. Even though they’re supposedly no longer dating. I went off on him today saying that I’m not going to live my life in secret just because you’re paranoid that you’re ex or whoever might see us talking. I have my own problems to think about and it’s just added stress in my life, like he’s basically trying to hide me? It’s annoying as fuck. I just want to block him because I can’t stand it anymore. Am I in the wrong? Also I’m starting to believe he’s actually still dating her because why else would he be so secretive? He says he acts like that because she’s crazy but still, even if she was, the way he’s acting is like a married man trying to hide an affair. And no he’s not married I know this for a fact.