Ewcm before positive opk

Christine • 👧🏻4/2013 👦🏼11/2015 👼🏻 11/2019 🌈🎀 4/2021

Has anyone had ewcm and still have negative opk results? This happened last cycle too but no success in conceiving... I’ve never had it this soon in the cycle until last cycle. I normally get it around cd 13ish when I’m ovulating..it’s been starting about cd 10 and it’s super noticeable when I’m wiping where as before I never really noticed I had any...I had a miscarriage back in November and my cycles returned back to normal immediately the following month but haven’t had any luck getting pregnant since...😩 I want my rainbow but I want to give up at the same time...any advice?? My youngest will be 5 in a few months so it’s been a while with ttc lol