Never orgasmed

So awkward to admit that I’m 25 and have never had an orgasm. I have two kids and got divorced last year while I was pregnant after finding out my ex was cheating and had been for years. I’ve found someone new and I’m so infatuated with everything about him. We’ve both unfortunately have had some health problems over the last seven months so we aren’t as “active” as before, but when we do have sex it’s great. I feel bad though because I do not orgasm and he really wants me to. I was raised very conservative my parents version of the talk was “don’t do that until you’re married” so this is weird for me to talk about. so someone tell me how to get there for him 😅 I’m shy about this stuff and I really want to get there for him and myself. Any tips or suggestions on things that might “assist me” 😬