Gemini men in arguement

Hello world. Just had a question for my astrology fans. My guy is a gemini (I’m a cancer), and we like debating nearly all the time. This time our conversation was about feminism and women in military (I love love love these topics to talk about).

To cut the long story short, he believes that it should be mandatory for both males and females to attend military service, and not optional for females. He says that if we want equality, it should be everywhere and not only where it’s for our benefit. I agreed (kind of) because they don’t have a choice like we do and this is against their human rights as males, but I said that this topic is not just about equality. This is how it happened since always, men were the fighters, the ones fighting for their country. And there’s also great discrimination between women and men in military. Women in war play a big role too, they don’t have to hold guns to help. They work hard, take care of the soldiers, children, elderly, give support and not only. If we all attended the military service it means that we would all fight. Then who would take care of all those things? At least we have the freedom of choice, if we want to attend we can do so.

So I said all these, and guess what. He replied the next morning with a “Good morning!!!”. He literally ignored my texts and opinion. Is this because I have a point and he doesn’t want to admit that I said something right? Or is he tired disagreeing with me? I read somewhere that when geminis lose an argument, they’ll act as it had never happened. This is what happens now, he ignored the argument and initiated a fresh start as if nothing happened. Should I feel proud that I shut his mouth? Or should I feel dumb? This literally feels so weird 😂 Should I say a good morning too and act like it never happened? Or should I say something like “why are you ignoring me?” and show him that I wanted a response?