Is it worth doing a 5th IUI medicated cycle?

Adriana • IVF Mommy to be ❤️ Due Dec 2021

Hi everyone, I’ve done 4 medicated <a href="">iui</a> cycles, the last one I was on Gonal-F. All four cycles failed and now I’m at a crossroads. Is it worth trying another <a href="">iui</a> cycle? Or should I just move on to <a href="">ivf</a>? Any success stories with the 5th <a href="">iui</a> working?

I have unexplained infertility with high prolactin and hypothyroidism, but for both I’m on medication and they were regulated before I started my first <a href="">iui</a> cycle.

Thanks for all your comments in advance !! 🙏🏻