need support


hi all. I am 40+2 and just been in the hospital for a scheduled iron infusion. all of the medical staff I saw today kept asking when I'm being induced. as well as this, my midwife tried to book me in for induction and so did a dr the week before. of course I would take their advice for induction if there was a medical need, but I am low risk and baby is very healthy, and they are only suggesting it as I am past my due date. I know that babies can be born very safely until around 42 weeks so I am really disheartened that everyone is pushing me to be induced. I feel like no one has faith in my body to be able to birth my baby. I really want a spontaneous and natural birth and I feel like no one believes I can achieve that. I am so upset and don't know what to do. I'm meant to see my midwife on Friday but she keeps pushing me to have a sweep (I've told her I don't want one) and she keeps trying to book me to be induced soon.