Smfh it’s sad

Ok so my bf asked me a question & i replied he thought i was lying from what i said so he goes u lying broad 😡😡 etc etc . So i repeat what i said n he says my bad i thought u said something else .. then he goes will at least i didn’t call u the other thing .. 🤔🤔🤔

So my question is i clearly see he just says what he wants and thinks it’s ok . No other bf is going to call there gf a lying broad because they thought what u said was a lie . Smfh Idk what to think anymore .. he’s sad fr . But when i say something to him n he don’t like it even after i apologize he acts like he still has a attitude & b going off .. but yet u called me a lying broad n i didn’t do all that . 😡😡😡😡 ... just wanted to vent that’s all but he really just blew me though .

N what’s funny is god sees all so he can keep it up karma will come