He wanted to..

Ok so we just went to my dad's..

My partner and my dad got into a bit of a "know-it-all struggle" 🙄

My dad always thinks he's right.. And he often is.. Or you know.. With 20yo data he would have been 😅

My partner is pretty alfa, he doesn't always appreciate feedback..

My dad suggested him how he could do something better.. (stacking logs onto the trailer...)

And he didn't want to do it but eventually just gave in..

I told him that if he doesn't feel comfortable, he shouldn't do it.

I rather have him do what he wants and not break the car, but lose a log.. then do what my dad wants, break the car and blame me.. (yes, he would..)

So he kinda shut me down regarding the confortable thing I said.. Not sure why 🙄 and did what my dad told him, and tested it and all was fine, nothing broken..

But then in the car we were chatting about what we wanted for dinner and he asked if we still had pasta.. I told him yes, we do have spaghettis, but I did use 30g from it to make some for myself the other day.. But I know how you hate it when I leave open packages, so I broke them all in half and placed them in a container, and labeled the container. So he was fussing about that, then I explained how I broke them and placed them into a container because he cuts his pasta anyways and he doesn't like it when I leave open packages laying around..

So I saw him struggling because he wanted to be mad at me for something.. But then knew he couldn't be mad about that because I did that all to favor him.

So then he got to complaining about the kids coming tomorrow and he couldn't visit his friend to have mens night, and that was my fault because he hadn't gone on Saturday..

But it was his choice to go on Thursday iso Saturday... But then he blamed me for being 2 weeks away from my due date and the baby could come at any time..

Like.. Nothing really blew up because he knew his frustration wasn't my fault and he was just looking for a way to get his frustration out..

But like..

Do you guys have experience with this?

Your guy wanting to create a fight.. So actively looking for topics to fuss and fight about?