I need advice.

Is it a bad thing to want to break up with someone because they’re broke and never have any money bc of how much debt they’re in??

My boyfriend can never pay for anything and he always seems to forget his wallet... I love him and the sex is good but Im getting sick of everything else and I do want something new and different. He works a lot at a shit place and then parties on the weekends... I like a good party but when he’s wasting money on shit he doesn’t need it defeats the purpose.

And recently I met someone and we’re pretty good friends but it’s obvious we like eachother... he has a nice car and money and has a good future ahead of him and I’m going to school to be a surgeon so I need someone that can be financially stable even at a young age.

I don’t want to let my boyfriend drag me down... what should I do?

I want to break up but its going to break my heart at the same time