Why can’t i have my success story !!!!

Why can’t i be the one to share my story of how i got my BFP!! I have been testing since 9DPO all negatives today is they day my period is due and i just refuse to test i know it’s coming. I’m tired of getting stark white negatives ! It’s been too long when i wasn’t trying only got pregnant once and then i let nature do the same thing nothing.... now I’m tracking and nothing!

I’m sorry I’m just frustrated at this point.

I know i shouldn’t count myself out but sometimes you just know. I know this isn’t my month my period is probably just late because my body rather make feel i have a chance then strip it away ughhh

Ok i feel so much better now 😔 i just need to release and vent.

To all the ladies who received their BFP this morning congratulations ladies. I know you all will be great mamas ! to all the ladies who received AF this morning baby dust to you for the next cycle !