Should I get tested or is it just allergies/common cold and I'm being paranoid?


From Friday until yesterday I had a runny nose. Since Saturday my throat has been really itchy and I've had a dry cough. It's much worse at night. Today I'm having chills. I have mild asthma. I haven't been going anywhere except a required summer strength and conditioning class with ~80 other people at school so that I can try out for sports next year. We don't wear masks but we are socially distancing and we aren't using any equipment. I don't have a fever, shortness of breath, gastrointestinal issues, muscle aches, fatigue, or a loss of smell/taste and no one else at conditioning is sick, so does it sound like it's just a cold or something? Also I'm 15 years old if that affects anything. And I don't think this matters but just in case I just started my period this morning.

The reason why I'm not sure is because even though my asthma is mild, I usually have shortness of breath pretty much everytime I get sick, even just with a cold, but I can breathe fine right now. So if I had COVID wouldn't it be highly likely that the symptoms would be more pronounced?

And I literally have not been anywhere except to school for conditioning. So that means someone else there would have to be infected which means they would have spread it. But it's highly unlikely that 80+ people are all asymptomatic especially the coaches who are mostly 50+ years old.