Symptoms leading to BFP


Hi ladies, I thought I would post the symptoms that I experienced leading to my BFP (one of which sadly ended in loss in May this year) - in the hope that someone somewhere finds it useful. When ttc I am constantly symptom spotting and scouring the internet for someone with similar symptoms which ended in BFP so here goes- baby dust to all!

-Cd: 17 - ovulated. Sharps pains in right ovary. Scanned and confirmed by gynaecologist

-Cd 18: 1dpo: dull sharp pain in right ovary. Headache- probably from the progesterone

-Cd19: 2dpo dull sharp pain in right ovary all day. Slight nausea; no other symptoms

-Cd:20: 3dpo dull sharp pain in right ovary

-Cd21: 4dpo stiff lower back - the odd twinge in right ovary. Slight backache in right side

-Cd22: 5dpo: morning -dull sharp pain in right ovary- twinges occasionally. Afternoon- really tender boobs and slight nausea. A bit of a runny nose. And weird tummy ache- like stinging and full up. Evening- really heavy boobs. Slight nausea and stiff lower back all over- not a particular area

-Cd 23: 6dpo: concentrated sharp pain occasionally in right ovary. Heavy boobs sharps pains in right ovary and intermittent nausea.

-Cd24: 7dpo- morning slightly tender boobs. Afternoon- funny pulling sensations in uterus and also dull sharp ache. Stiff lower back. Very sharp pain in right ovary and tender boobs are getting worse

-Cd25: 8dpo- slightly tender boobs. A few dull aches. Nothing else. Afternoon- short sharp pains in right ovary. Pm very tired and Aching boobs.

-BFP at 12dpo. This pregnancy ended in loss at 12 weeks.

Following pregnancy loss:

Month 2 TTC

-4 Dpo- dull sharp pain in right ovary

-6 dpo- morning -sharp stabbing pains in right ovary

-7dpo- morning 1 sore boobs and sensitive Nipples - slight nausea am. Afternoon- more sore boobs , (TMI) a little snot cm

-8dpo- morning- slightly tender boobs, stiff lower back. Afternoon- heavy sore boobs and sharp twinges in right ovary. Break out of so many spots. Dull sharp pain in right ovary- emotional. Evening af like cramps

-9dpo really heavy sore boobs- so sore I’m awake unable to sleep at 3am. Morning- tiny throbbing in right ovary - (TMI) hardly any cm white and watery. Afternoon (TMI) lots of ewcm? when I wipe- concentrated pain in right ovary an groin. Full up feeling in tummy and slight nausea

-10 dpo- BFP 🎉 on frer

11dpo- nausea and sharp pain in right ovary

12dpo- BFP on frer slightly darker

So hoping this one sticks. Good luck to all x