Someone please give advice


So I’ve been a CNA for about 3 years. I was one with my son and now again with my second baby. I got pregnant with this baby 8 months pp. I’m 20 yrs old almost 21. My doc told me since I got pregnant so soon my body would hurt more. Well I’m almost 22 weeks with my girl and at work when I’m lifting all day making beds and answering nonstop call lights by the end of my shift I’m crying in pain. My back hurts so freaking bad. I had back pain with my son too but it’s worse. Only happens when I’m pregnant. It’s so painful I even start to cramp in the front like period cramps. Today is the first day I have caved and took some Tylenol to see if that will help cause I can barely walk after todays shift. Anyone have any advice on what I should do to make this easier please I’m willing for whatever.