Sharp left side abdomen pain


I come to this community in search of some possible answers, for about two or three years, I have terrible sharp stabbing pain in my left lower side abdomen. My family has a history of ovarian cysts, fibroids, and also stomach issues regarding the colon. This pain comes and goes during the day. Sometimes it can last all day. Sometimes it comes around a specific time of day, usually when I’m stressed as well. Sometimes I can go months with no pain. Sometimes I go MONTHS with this terrible awful pain that I tolerate.

In search of answers and over the pain, I went to a gastroenterologist. They performed a colonoscopy on me and found nothing. Which in a way, is a good thing that I have nothing wrong with my colon. But I still am on a search to rid this pain as I cannot bear it anymore. They found hemorrhoids, because I often have constipation. I cried when they gave me the results because I just wanted answers and to get rid of my pain and I spent so much money on it. Again, I realize now that I am blessed to have a healthy colon in the long run. It is just one thing off my list of possible suspicions.

They suggested I get a gynecologist. A few days ago, I had sex with my boyfriend that was deep and very painful. Afterwards, I had the worst period like cramps in the world and it almost made me vomit. Once I ran to the bathroom to throw up, the pain subsided and I went to sleep. The next day I had a very heavy period. I have looked up my symptoms of the sharp stabbing pain and it comes out to possible ovarian cysts or endometriosis or etc. The reason I reach out to all of you is to see if anybody has shared the same experience as me? For some more details, I sometimes have irregular periods but not too bad. My periods are usually very very heavy. I use ultra tampons for example. I am planning on seeing a doctor of course for real results! But figured while I wait for my appointment, get an idea from some people who might have the same experience! Can an ovarian cyst really cause these pains for SO many months at a time? Online it only suggest that they last a few weeks. Thank you for reading!