Undermining Parenting

Rowan • Anesthesiologists and Animal lover

Seeking some advice/validation

This morning I got up and had to do some personal things so I asked my husband to ask his mother if she could feed the baby while I quickly ran out to the store, she said no. When she said no I said okay, took the baby and was going to feed her myself, to which she snatched the food from my hands and says “I’ll do it” I say okay and proceed to leave.

Turns out she fed my 10 month old half a bottle of baby food because “her stomach isn’t that big yet” my child eats a lot I know that so I told her to feed her the whole thing and she rolled her eyes and asked me to call the pediatrician to make sure. I said no and to follow my request.

She then proceeds to change a diaper that had not yet been soiled and threw it away. Any parent out there knows that diapers aren’t cheap so I called her out on her waste of diapers.

I then took the baby and she started yelling at me when I took her into the kitchen, saying “I dont have enough care with my daughters and one day I’ll have an accident”. She told me to leave my daughter in the nursery to cry, which confused me because two days prior she yelled at my husband because I let the baby cry while I showered. This woman just has something to say all the time because “she took care of kids in her days” I became frustrated and told her that if she can’t respect me as a mother she would not be in contact with my daughter through the day (COVID has us stuck) my husband then proceeds to take the baby from me at a later time to hand her back to grandma. I blew up and told them both off.... Am I in the wrong? This woman Makes me feel like the worst mother on earth

I just need to know whether or not I overreacted

Any input or advice would be welcome please