Vanishing twin? Help :(


I’m heartbroken- something in my gut tells me we are losing both babies. I’m 6 + 3 and an <a href="">IVF</a> mama... found out we were pregnant with twins but 1 of them doesn’t look viable. The other one had a borderline low heart rate. I know that the one non-viable twin is going to vanish or miscarry but I don’t know about the other one...

I just started experiencing bleeding like a period. We’ve already lost 4 babies before this, and now possibly these 2. I’m devastated.

My question is have you or someone you know experienced a vanishing twin and was there bleeding? I’ve read it can go either way (some bleed some don’t). I’m worried that we are losing both babies and that’s why I’m bleeding so much. 😔👼

My appointment is tomorrow with my doctor, so no point in rushing to the ER. My doctor said there’s nothing the ER can do unless I’m bleeding through more than a pad an hour. I’m praying my other baby is okay but I don’t feel very confident with all of this blood. 🙄