I feel like such a waste of space & a low life

I lost my job due to covid & I wasn't eligible for unemployment which confuses me because everyone says everyone's eligible for it under Covid-19 and everytime ive signed up for it ive been denied, I keep applying to different jobs and no one will give me the tine of day. I dont have much experience since my last job was my first & only job and I was there for almost 5 1/2 months. I had almost $4,000 saved up for a car and ive had to take money out for bills & food etc and now I have about $200 left and I'm stressing out big time. I feel like such a failure because ill be 20 in august, I dont have a job and I wont even be able to do anything fun since I dont have any money & I just want to rip out all of my hair and cry.