Complications and husbands, ugh


I need some serious encouragement here. I had to go into the doc today (moved up the appointment by a day) for my 36 week appointment and to be checked out for Cholestasis and I was contracting every 6 minutes.

They checked me (1cm and 50% effaced) and ran all kinds of labs, but my BP was also high. It had been up before I stopped working (30 weeks) but resolved within a week of being home. Last week it was 100/60. So technically now I have gestational hypertension. I have to go discuss labs and check my bp again tomorrow, but have an induction scheduled for Saturday at 8am. Baby has also been measuring small since about 30 weeks as well so I have to get an ultrasound Thurs to check for iugr. I also had a very very painful check from a student then the midwife and had a gush of blood about 30 minutes later and thought my water broke. It's been a rough day.

I'm an L&D nurse, I am worried but understand that these things happen sometimes.

My husband however is not dealing well and is taking it out on me. He is biting my head off, won't let me walk him through the process, is worried that he won't be able to be there because of covid (even though that's not our hospitals policy)... He's just not dealing. Plus his sciatic nerve got messed up at work again so he's limping around complaining non stop while I'm contracting, spotting, and getting prepared to have a child.

Like, I'm going around cleaning and doing last minute chores and he's complaining about feeding the dogs... I'm over it.

I need my mom but she is immunocompromised and can't be with me. I need to be the one being reassured and taken care of at the moment and I'm just not. I feel so alone and angry and like idk how I will be able to forgive him for the way he's acting right now. I'm always the strong calm one and he's the one that doesn't handle stress well... But I just want to say "I need you to get the hell over it, pretend like you're fine"! I shouldn't have to be my own support system right now.