Extremely irregular TTCers... wya?


First official month TTC and boy has it been an experience!!! I have learned more about my body this past month than I have in my 32 years on this Earth! 🤯

But now, the frustrating part! I have never been regular my whole life! I didnt start til I was 16. Would have AF for a day, a week, one time literally for 2 months straight. She’d come every two weeks, or not again for 3 or even 6 months! I wasn’t sexually active until college so didnt take birth control in HS. I had a scholarship to play bball at a Division 1 school and ball was priority but lets be real... so was having fun! Ha! So..... my ex from college and I were serious but I wasnt in a position to jeopardize my scholarship so I got on depo provera! It worked! Ha. No periods for the 3 years I was on it and then probably another year or so after my last dose. Ever since, AF will come when she feels like it. Sometimes a string of months in a row and then sometimes 2-3 month gaps. Never predictable and so annoying!!!

Now... here I am... TTC and sitting at 18dpo, 2 days late IF my cycle were every 30 days, still no BFP and also no signs of AF! So annoying!!

Anyways.... Ill test Wed for final time. If BFN, Ill start round 2 of provera and then another round of clomid! Thanks for letting me vent ladies!