Sick of AF! Advice please!


I'm 39. I have been trying for a couple months now and each period/negative test hurts more and more. I just got my period on sat (7/11).... Womp.

Here is the thing, if I get pregnant this next cycle, the baby would be due in April. This means, it will be a month before my 40th... I know I won't be able to do my 40th bday in key west like I always wanted too. But it would just be nice to have before I'm 40! Plus, I'll still get to drink (pump and dump!).

Currently using the OPK tests and preseed.

I'm going to try the Sperm meets egg method next month.

Think using a basil thermometer will make a significant difference?

Things I wonder, does the position we have sex matter? Should I do anything after to help?? I.e. Laydown after sex?

Any ideas, suggestions, words of support or anyone going through the same... PLEASE SHARE!!!!