What to wear during pregnancy

Ash • 20, due November 9th!

Hey everyone, just hit 23 weeks pregnant and can't buy any maternity clothes cause covid left me with no job (plus I'm apparently going to be a single mother at 20 :\). Has anyone not wanted to wear pants while pregnant? Like I know my pants hardly fit anymore, though some do a bit, and my underwear's become uncomfortable too. Can't even wear bras cause I was a 36DD from VS, and now those bras are too small. So I hardly have clothes except for what's left over from when I used to weigh way more.

My question, for those that have already given birth or didn't have money to spend on maternity clothes (let's face it, it's all pretty expensive), is what does one do? Over sizes shirts and tights??? Free titties? Or make one's own clothes if possible out of current clothes? I'm lost and would rather buy baby items than maternity clothes tbh if I even had money to spend right now.

Thanks in advance, sorry if it's a dumb question