Mom is driving me nuts


So we are naming our daughter Eloise Quinn. She’s not named after anyone. Just names we loved. Her nickname will be Ella (I am 37+1).

My 23m old daughter is named after my grandma, my moms mom. Lyla Jane is her name and my grandma was lovingly known as Janie (Caroline Jane).

Well my MILs middle name is Elaine, my grandmas (dads mom) middle name is Elaine, my grandpas sisters middle name is Elaine and my dad has a family member with Elaine as their middle name. My mom will not drop this. She keeps saying “you should do Eloise Elaine, it would take care of a lot of people!” Every time I see her she’ll be like “Eloise Elaine, has a nice ring to it”. Finally Sunday I said “if you want to use the name Elaine so bad have another kid of your own. We are naming her Eloise Quinn.”

Has anyone else has issues like this. She literally will not drop it. Ironically I originally had Eloise Elaine picked but my husband liked Quinn better. Part of me wants to do Elaine but the other part doesn’t because of how annoying my mom is being. This is also her 5th grandchild, my 3rd child.