8 month breastfeeding journey

Lifeofsahm_ • Girl Mom 🎀 Wife 💍 Jeremiah 29:11 🙏🏻

I’m so glad that I’m still able to breastfeeding going on 8 month strong. It’s truly amazing what a women’s body can do. I didn’t think I would make this far but this wasnt an easy journey to begin with but now i can say the struggle in the beginning was worth it.

My best advice is :

1- when baby is born always place baby on boob every 3-4 hrs like clock work to help milk come in.

2- use haakaa on the other side while nursing to not only build a small stash but to also help milk come in. I used this day 1 and I had extra colostrum stored for when baby gets sick.

3- set small goals for how long you want to breastfeeding. 6 weeks , 8 weeks , 4 months etc..

You can do it ✨🤍