Cat pee

Y’all my poor cat has had peeing issues for a while we got him medication and the medicine didn’t work. He just peed in my brand new house on the new carpet and keeps peeing in the same spot as of last night. I want to scream because I’ve cleaned it so many times already. My husband heard from Dave Ramsey that if a pet costs more in vet bills than what you bought it for just put the cat down. Super inhumane I know and don’t agree with this. My cat was a stray kitten I found at my college so of course he cost nothing to own him since I didn’t pay for him. So I’m too scared to get him help again because I know what my husband will say. (He’s the provider of the family while I’m a stay at home mom) I’m pretty sure it’s bladder stones (since he has pee crystals and the uti meds did not work!) and the surgery costs $1000+ here. I’ve tried changing his diet,medicine, all of it for these kind of issues. I just don’t know what to do 😭😭. I’m already a stressed out mom dealing postpartum anxiety and I’m starting to think postpartum depression now too. And I don’t know what to do about this cat of mine. I’m feeling very overwhelmed by it which I know I might be over exaggerating. Do any of you ladies have any ideas of what to do?

Update got him in for the vet soonest appointment was Friday and they will get me in if there are any cancellations! My husband I guess wasn’t as serious about the whole Ramsey thing thank goodness. We can well afford his treatments. My husband just is very frugal at times. I also wouldn’t divorce my husband over this. That’s pretty extreme to me. But I would definitely give up my cat over putting him down. The poor kitty is only 2 and he’s been there for me during very tough times so I wouldn’t do that unless he was truly suffering. As of right now I’m having to keep him in a room with hard floor so he doesn’t destroy rest of our carpet (I found a new pee spot and he lifted and shredded the carpet in that area) 😕. I appreciate all of you guys giving suggestions and being so caring to my dear cat.