Told my kids

So I’m 15 weeks today. I finally told my kids last night. They are 18 & 13. I’ve been scared because i didn’t know how they’d react. They’ve expressed many times they didn’t want another sibling. I also told them it’s a girl.

So my oldest ... my daughter is actually happy. I thought she would be the one to react by crying or being mad. Now my son , is very upset with me. He’s angry. He said he doesn’t want it. And he was a crying. I kept talking to him. He said he just

Wants to be left alone. I had a talk with him and told him how much i loved him and nothing would change. He’ll be my only son. My favorite son (inside joke cause he’s my only son). Some

Other ppl i sole to said just give him time. What else do you guys suggest ? Me and their dad split 5 yrs ago. So it’s not by him. I feel so bad. I didn’t want my kids to be upset with me or sad. That’s why i took so long to tell them. My

Son even said you know you don’t have to have it right. ☹️