Cant win

Larissa • LEO Wife 👮‍♂️SAHM #GirlMoM 09/01/17 🎀 05/18/20 🎀

So my SIL who I haven’t talked to or seen in months and has never liked me I might add is trying to make everyone dislike by saying i tell her that our MIL whom she also hares is awful and that she bosses me around and a bunch of other horrible things about MIL which i have never said and funny thing is ive never once been ugly to my SIL ive always given advice when asked always supported her goals in life and dreams and bend over backwards for her and what do i get?? Her hating me because im another woman ,she thinks im trying to “outshine” her, because im too nice, and because she is so jealous that i have bigger boobs she literally beat up my BIL because he wont pay for her to get bigger boobs and yet im still nice to her 😒 im not stooping to her level ive told her once and I’ll tell her again idc if she likes me or not im stills going to treat her like i do everyone else regardless of her views towards me