Juju wedding ring set (bad luck) need a less expensive new wedding ring set

So my FIL bought my wedding ring set. Long story short his daughter did some shady fucked up shit towards me, to the point he thought I was gonna leave his son. (His daughter has done a lot of toxic things towards me and my husband) Before y’all judge before I thought of marrying my husband I was okay with no ring. HE MADE ME SUPER happy cause he’s my high school sweetheart and we do therapy due to childhood trauma. My husband’s family is soo materialistic and toxic people and they make me feel so awkward with a courthouse wedding then me not having a ring. Well anyways after a year of wearing this juju ring problems and issues started coming out of know where with my husband and I’s relationship. My FIL is toxic and the more I think of it I should of told him NO to the ring like I originally said but I was pressured into it. My husband thinks I’m crazy. He’s not so much into the spiritual world/life like I am. He doesn’t want me to get rid of the ring and he can’t afford to get me one. Before y’all judge since we started wearing rings for a year he likes that outsiders knowing he’s taken and married. Idc about outsiders knowing if I’m taken or not cause I don’t entertain shit that’s just me 🤷🏽‍♀️. Anyways ladies could y’all help me with some shops/sites to get a less expensive wedding ring set. TIA!