Known my boo 6weeks and I already love him and would totally move in with him. He shows me so much love unconditionally. And makes me feel so good he treats me so well.

I'm so upset with his situation. He is a black man. Who has both white and black families. Dads black moms white.

He's been living with his white brother and sister in law. And they treat him so bad. He works for them also. About 70hrs a week. And only gets paid 200 a week. He is a subcontractor or what not but even then 200 is still not the appropriate amount. They say because he lives with him that's why it's so little or it would 250. Y'all have no clue how pissed and upset I am. And You guys!! That's not even all of it. They call him BOY and talk down to him all the time. His sister in law literally was like. That is some liberal bs. That you don't want to be called BOY because you feel it has a connection back to slave times. WHICH IS DOES! Then she goes to say that just because someone calls her sis and I'm not there sis. Is the same thing... no the heck it's not.. and end of the discussion HE DOES NOT LIKE IT AND YOU NEED TO STOP calling him that! They are always talking down to him and just so much I really have to hold my tongue. And that's just a little bit of it.

God I want so much better for him and he also wants better. He has so much hurt in him and I just know this time this one man I can help. He wants help and wants to be with someone. My mother tells me I should be his friend first but like we both feel it. And agh he makes me feel so good even when I'm mean. He is so caring for me and my well being and always trying to make me happy.

He is. Almost always on my mind.

I'm not sure what is holding me back from giving my all to him.

Is it my mom and her input?

Am I scared it may not work?

Am I scared if I get with him and I may find something better ?

I don't know.

My mom will love me regardless of what I do. It's my life and if I make a mistake then I do.

Idk if I will work out. But I should not let that stop me.

I really don't think I will find someone else better than him. With how he treats me. He is a handsome man I'm sure there's better looking out there but I really don't care about that. Again I already said he makes 200 a week so I'm not after his money I make more. I don't know what is hold me back from this sweet man that I am starting to love so much everyday. And again that's just from 6weeks. I hate thats it's only week6 because I would so move in with him.