Anyone else feel like they just want to sleep all day?


I have a toddler and am a stay at home mama with him. I will say that my exhaustion was my first clue that I was pregnant just two weeks after conceiving and it hasn’t gone away since. Some days I feel okay but often I just feel so bad for my toddler because mom just can’t! I’m not doing anything very strenuous either. It feels like even the simple tasks exhaust me. Knock on wood just like my first I didn’t have really any bad morning sickness. I had one week where everything made me nauseous but then quickly dissipated. My mother in law is a saint and takes my Liam for me a couple days a week but this time around with this pregnancy I am just ultimately spent! No energy for dinner, no energy to want to get ready for the day even. My normal self is opposite who I am pregnant. I was playing with my toddler and then came inside and literally laid on the couch fighting my eyes to stay open before I took an ice cold shower to wake me up. I don’t remember being this fatigued with my first baby at all. I think my toddler senses it and gets annoyed with his mama. My husband notices, too. Maybe it’s my incessant apologies, lol! Had a prenatal appt just last week and everything is looking good. About 10 weeks and 4 days and a nice strong 169 heartbeat. Just a tired mom. Also, as I’m writing this I’m laying on my back and am 100% sure I felt some sort of fetal movement. My husband put his hand on my stomach and his eyes got huge! I feel insane. Anyone else relate to this or am I just straight crazy? lol I have heard subsequent pregnancies your bodies just know what to do but dang. I’m looking 5 months pregnant. No twins just one. Thanks, mama’s!