Does your baby resemble you or your partner in 3D U/S

Tajaya • 21/ Asher 💙 10/17/2016 + Adrian 💙 09/5/2020

I’m considering a 3D ultrasound soon! My fiancé is a pale, green eyed Peruvian(I swear he catfished me y’all he looked a lot tanner in pictures 😂) and I’m black so everyone is always wondering what the baby could possible look like but it’s so hard to imagine. Our 3 year old isn’t biologically my partners so we can’t even go off of my sons features. But I have a feeling he’s gonna look like our son and I, not a trace of his dad 😂

If you guys don’t mind, could you share your 3D ultrasounds and who you think your baby looks like!?

My son, Asher and I 💙🤍