Morning sickness help! Saliva overproduction


This is baby #3, 7 weeks 2 days now!

I had hyperemesis with my last pregnancy. Lost 20 lbs and weighed less at 9 months pregnant than I did when originally conceived.

I don’t seem to have it this time, thank goodness!! But still pretty bad nausea from the time I wake up progressively getting worse till dinner when I can no longer eat anything. I’ve lost three lbs in the past couple weeks because I just can’t eat much in general.

I’ve been taking unisom and vitamin B6 which does help a little but with this pregnancy I’m experiencing a new symptom that makes the nausea worse: overproduction of saliva! So gross, I’m constantly spitting into napkins otherwise I’ll throw up.

Anywho, yesterday I had coffee for the first time because I was craving it and no nausea all day afterwords until bed time. I could eat and live without feeling like I’m suffering for the first time in almost two weeks. I tried the coffee trick again today, and it seems to be working! Which is so odd considering it should do the opposite? Lol

But by the time 2-3 pm hits the saliva issue hits hard and I just feel sicker and sicker. Has anyone found ANYTHING that helps decrease this, or makes it manageable other than spitting constantly. My skin is rubbed raw from having napkins constantly against my face.

I’ve tried ginger ale, saltine crackers, peppermints which seem to just make it worse! I need relief 😭 so hard to be a mama to my toddler and older kiddo when I feel so awful.