I had an NST for Thursday morning

I had an NST for Thursday morning. The screening showed no contractions, and at this point I was 4 days over due and done being pregnant so I had asked to be induced. Due to my OB being out of town I was denied an induction. I was so angry because I just wanted my baby. I was with my aunt that night and my back started hurting like crazy and she was rubbing it for me when I told her “I am going to go into labor soon” I waited it out for a few hours and decided I haven’t felt this way my whole pregnancy and it was time to head to the hospital. I did call ahead of time so they knew I was coming. Upon my arrival I had to have a screening done which it seems to me that the lady was taking her sweet old time and here I am in labor! I was getting angry but I kept that to myself. I signed the paper and headed to the elevator. I could barely even stand let alone walk. When I got to the elevator I pushed the button for the 2nd floor. I leaned up against the back wall and kind of huddled in pain. I got to L&D and in the room I was assigned still contracting. I help myself up against the bed and that’s where I stood. The nurse come in and asked “are you having a contraction” I laid down on the bed where they started hooking me up to monitors and she checked my cervix to see how dilated I was (4-5 cm upon arrival). That is when we came to the conclusion that I was I was in labor and my contractions were regular. I was admitted Thursday night, and contractions only got worse from there of course it was my decision to go all natural. At 8 cm my body got the urge to push of course I tried to keep myself from doing so but I could not help but to push. My water was broke by the doctor at 9cm. I stayed at 9 cm for a while. Finally I said “someone has got to do something I can feel it in my vagina it’s like poking my vagina” the doctor had come back in and checked my cervix again. I was now at 9.5 cm and it was time to get started. I was scared, nervous, excited, and in excruciating pain. I pushed and I pushed finally at 3:41 am on 7/17/2020 my babyboy was born😍