I think im experiencing ppd or something idk šŸ˜– but i need to vent

I had my beautiful babygirl june 11th ugh i love her so much . But I honestly feel like my life completely stopped šŸ˜­ im so drained all the time im always tired i never wanna do anything anymore i dont want to be around people all like that anymore .. i just take care of my daughter and lay around all day hating myself . I feel so ugly. My body is so different now i hate it i cant even be undressed in front if my bf no more bc my body is so ugly too me now. Im so fat i gained so much weight . Part if me never wanta to leave the house bc my weight šŸ˜„ i gained sooo much weight while pregnant and now I literally just hate myself i hide in the house all day bc im scared what ppl would think of me.... is this ppd ? Idk šŸ˜¢ i have no motivation either it really sucks. I feel like my bf is gonna ended up not finding me attractive or leaving me or something šŸ˜ž i wanna start workimg out and stuff but for some reason by body is still so drained for over a month i havent had a decent sleep or anything ā˜¹ļø