I need some advice on announcing to parents!

Emily • Trying for baby #1 since Feb 2019

I just took a HCG yesterday and found out I’m pregnant. I am going to the doctor soon to confirm. I had a chemical at 5 weeks in May, and we hadn’t told anyone but my sister. I am wanting to wait until I’m at least 8 weeks to tell our parents because I can’t deal with them if I miscarry. My mother will make it all about her and I can’t handle that. I know I can still miscarry after 8 weeks, but that’s the earliest I’d tell people.

Our parents are very social media addicted and would want to post it on Facebook ASAP. I want to ask them to keep it off their facebooks until after the baby is born, but I don’t know if they will listen. They also call people and tell them when this stuff happens, which is fine. But it is our news. I feel like we would have to text them the announcement and then post to Facebook immediately after they respond in order to announce it ourselves. I am concerned because our wedding was a crap show with his mom on Facebook, she posted EVERYTHING. I am just wondering: is it bad to text them the announcement? Our siblings and our parents live all over and we thought coming up with a creative announcement would be best, we won’t be able to make time to see all of them before they start telling each other...