Trying again

Jasmine • TTC . 👼🏽👼🏽

So I’ve had two miscarriages one was at 4 weeks the second at 10 weeks. I got an IUD put in since we decided to stop trying for a bit.

Now my fiancé really wants me to remove it and try again. I’m all for it but our current living situation isn’t where we want to be. We live with his step family. They’re ready to retire. Their son also lives here as well. Obviously cause of COVID we lost our jobs and he recently found a new job i am still struggling to find one. I don’t think this COVID stuff will end any time soon, so why wait? Right? Do i sound crazy.

I wanted to move into our own apartment and stuff before trying again. I truly want a baby, I’m 27. I’m afraid to wait any longer.

What I’m asking is, should we wait more or just say if it happens, it happens.