I made it to 12 weeks 😭❤️

Jess • 20||UK Mum to an angel 18.06.19 👼 Baby Girl due FEB 1ST 2021🌈💗

My last pregnancy ended in a missed miscarriage at 8wks. I was heart broken and thought I would never be able to become a mum. I blamed myself for it and got diagnosed with depression after taking an overdose 6 months after, I struggled With the loss quite bad being only 18 years old.

1 year on and I’m in a happier place and pregnant with my rainbow baby 🌈 this pregnancy has been so nerve raking and full of break downs. I NEVER thought I would make it past week 8. i had it drilled into my head that the same thing was gonna happen..... 1 month on and baby still has a strong heart beat!!! I know there is still a chance of something going wrong but I have a good feeling I GOT THIS! WE ALL HAVE GOT THIS! 👶🏼❤️

HEALTHY pregnancies TO YOU ALL!!!!❤️❤️❤️