Drunk unprotected sex /STIs/STDs

Hi, I had unprotected drunk sex 2 weeks ago and I took plan b twice so I don’t get pregnant.. but that’s not what I’m worried about...

I have this really horrible smelling green discharge that I’ve never had before.

I get reoccurring BV but this is different.

I’m itchy, and the discharge is lumpy like thrush discharge, but it’s green, there is sooooo much of it, and wreaks!! It started off as a fishy, kinda rotten odour, now it’s like... I dunno.. nothing I’ve ever smelled before 🤢

I don’t see my dr until another 4 days and I’ve tried creams to stop the itch but it’s not working...

I’m guessing I have contracted something from this guy who said he was clean..

Has anyone ever had discharge like this and knows what sti or std I have 🙄

I’m so embarrassed because it’s the first time I’ve had sex in 2.5 years and I was stupid enough to not use protection and sure enough i catch something as karma.