Unlocatable cervix?

Sandra • Mom of three, personal trainer and crazy fitness lover, animal nut, Navy Veteran, and wife!

My baby came at 27 weeks in January due to placental abruption. To make a long story short, I had what I thought were painless Braxton Hicks coupled with gas. I went in to L&D just to be safe. Walked in just in time for my water to break, there was a lot of blood, and everything after that was full of screaming, yelling, and rushing to get to the OR. It was like something you see in a movie, and it was absolutely terrifying! Something has bothered me since that day though. When they pulled me into a room to check for my cervix, the doctor started yelling for an ultrasound machine because they could not find my cervix at all. In fact, they were digging so much looking for it, that it was the most painful part of the whole thing (and I ended up knocked out with an emergency c-section). Has anyone else had this happen? I’m not finding anything on Google about an inability to locate a cervix during labor. I found that crazy!